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Complete feed for dogs - For giant breed puppies (adult weight over 45 kg) - From 8 to 18/24 months old
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Giant dogs take around 18-24 months to reach their adult weight of 45+ kg. During this time, their nutritional needs evolve, so we have developed two diets: ROYAL CANIN® Giant Puppy, to be given between 2 and 8 months, and this formula - ROYAL CANIN® Giant Junior - for the period of 8 to 18/24 months. During your giant-breed dog's youngest years, they need extra time to develop their muscles and bone structure compared to smaller breeds. This means they require lots of protein and tailored amounts of calcium and calories. ROYAL CANIN® Giant Junior contains an adapted protein content to help support muscle development from 8 to 18/24 months old. This formula contains nutrients such as vitamins C and E to help support natural defences. Extra-large dogs have sensitive digestive systems and may be prone to diarrhoea and flatulence. A combination of beneficial prebiotics (such as FOS, MOS and beet pulp) and highly digestible proteins, helps to support a healthy balance of intestinal microbiota (gut flora) for good digestion. Additionally, the formula has precise levels of minerals, including calcium and phosphorus, to support the development of rapidly growing bones. The kibble in ROYAL CANIN® Giant Junior has also been designed to encourage a slower speed of ingestion. By the time your giant-breed junior dog reaches 18/24 months old, they will need a diet that's specially adapted to meet their nutritional needs as an adult dog. At this stage, you can transition them onto ROYAL CANIN® Giant Adult. At Royal Canin, we're committed to creating a better world for cats and dogs. For more than 50 years, we've worked closely with breeders, vets and pet experts, sharing specialist knowledge and scientific research to create a dedicated approach to individualised, precise nutritional solutions. All of our products undergo an extensive quality control process to guarantee the optimal quality of food. When your giant-breed dog eats ROYAL CANIN® Giant Junior, they're getting a complete and balanced diet.
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As low as JOD67.0